Five Reasons to Think Twice Before You Skip a Meal

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Long work hours, living alone, stress and maybe a quick fix for missing out on the gym, skipping a meal or few has become a regular part of our lives. But did you know that skipping meals can have a pretty negative impact on your body.

Fight that Fatigue


Skipping just one meal can result in a drop in your body’s blood sugar levels. Mood swings, irritability and tiredness can zap your emotional as well as physical energy stores.

Metabolism Mishaps


To ensure optimum metabolism, experts advise eating 5 to six light meals a day. Fuelling your body with enough nutrients through the day helps regulate your metabolism, which in turn helps to keep you strong and healthy.

Weight Gain Woes


The less you eat, the more your body loves the calories and finds it harder to let go. So even if you think that you are consuming less, you will end up gaining more weight if you skip meals.

Mirror-cracking Moments

mirror cracking

Dry skin and dull hair are are more often than not due to poor eating habits. When there is a significant drop in calories, as in the case of skipping meals, there is also a significant drop in nutrients that keep your hair and skin looking fabulous!

Immunity In Need


Skipping meals means that your body is losing out on chances to consume nutrients. Without a steady flow of nutrients, the body slowly begins to lose its ability to take care of itself, resulting in lowered immunity.

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Life in Andheri East Just Got Faster!


Andheri East is a melting point of a very diverse range of cultures both regional and International and the numerous restaurants here cater to a population of people with different preferences, taste pallets and incomes. The variety surely is overwhelming, making it a truly interesting to place to be part of at the moment.

We at Runnr have successfully launched operations in South Mumbai to make food from all your favourite restaurants just a tap away. With beginning our operations first time ever in South Mumbai, spreading to another area in this lively and fast-moving city has been a personal goal for all of us at Runnr. We’re really excited to have you experience our service for the first time ever in Andheri East.

To begin with, we’ve handpicked some of the most popular restaurants in your locality and have also successfully launched a recommendations feature that makes the whole process a lot easier and way more tastier! We pride ourselves for having one of India’s largest fleet of delivery boys and are happy to provide an under 45 minute delivery for all orders you place on our app. What’s more? You can live track your order on the app to know exactly where your food is at all times and when it is about to reach your doorstep. We have multiple payment options along with cash on delivery.

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Runnr Joins the Robin Hood Army!


“Keep your chin up and someday there will be happiness again”
said Robin Hood from the Disney Movie.

It probably couldn’t have been more profound and simple than that. This Independence day let’s keep our chin up and not turn a blind eye to the staggering number of hunger stricken people in the world. We found something we could do about it and we’re sure if you’re in it with us, someday there surely will be happiness.

The Robin Hood Army is an organisation that started in mid 2014. It ties up with restaurants that provide them with food consistently, which they deliver to slums, orphanages and other people who are in great need of food. “Hunger isn’t just a meal missed, it is a crisis that grips a million people” says the Robin Hood Army. Today they’ve spread to over 40 cities, have over 6000 volunteers and are consistantly feeding over 8 lakh people. This independence they they’re on a mission to feed 500,000 people more.

We’re not alone in this mission. This module carries on in Pakistan as well at the same time while two countries celebrate their Independence Day and come together for a great cause.

We at Runnr are collaborating with the Robin Hood Army to help them in their cause. We’re donating a free meal for every order that you place till 15th August 2016.

So let’s do what Robin says, keep our chin up and change the world one plate at a time.

Join us in our mission and let’s begin a new year of freedom by giving 500,000 people freedom from hunger.

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Indiranagar, We Hope We Didn’t Keep You Waiting!

Kolkata Style Mutton Nawabi Biryani (served with potato _ boiled egg)

Indiranagar is long known for the staggering number of restaurants it has and it’s no surprise that it attracts a huge and eager crowd every evening. Every restaurant has its own wide range of signature dishes and a completely different story to tell.

We’re extremely excited to have some of the most popular restaurants in this area on our app, live and serviceable from today. A true paradise for foodies, we feel even more at home having our services up and running in Indiranagar.

Waiting in queues outside these truly tempting restaurants is now passe. Find all your favourite food joints in Indiranagar on the Runnr app from today and order in as the heart dictates.

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About Runnr
Runnr is an on-demand food delivery app that is currently operational in certain parts of  Mumbai and Bangalore. We will soon be expanding to other locations. With multiple restaurants to choose from, Runnr processes your order and delivers mouthwatering food to your doorstep in under 45 Minutes.

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Hello! Hello! We have a surprise!


“Which paan would you like? Ladies paan or Gents paan? Hello?” said the Hello Paan Wala. If you’re roaming around the buzzing streets of Koramangala, you might just run into the famous Hello Paan Wala, and what might look like a mundane drill of probably getting change for a 500, would turn out to be surprisingly entertaining. From interesting tricks like the famous ladies tissue, a capsule that magically turns into a tissue when you pour water on it, to extra large ice paans that can shut a talkative girl like me for a full ten minutes; a lot escalates quickly at the hello paan wala’s stall as he frequently ends and begins sentences with “hello!”

If you’re living in Koramangala, you’ve probably ended up at the Hello Paan Wala after a late night Shawarma at the Empire hotel. Small things make moments with friends absolutely memorable in this lively city.

So, we at Runnr thought what better way to celebrate friendship’s day than helping you relive those moments in surprisingly new way?

This friendships day, with every order from a select group of restaurants, get a free paan from Hello Paan Wala. Call in some friends and order in on the Runnr app for a truly Koramangala friendship’s day experience.

The restaurants for which this offer is valid are  Tunday Kababi, Kritunga, California Burrito, Dice n Dine, Fat Sindhi, Bangaliana, The Pied Pier, Just Shawarma, Lazeez, Bhatinda Junction, Maria’s Goan Kitchen, Ali’s Restaurant, Aalishan and Chai Point.

The popularity of the Hello Paan Wala certainly got us curious. Apart from his true banarsi origins that seeps into the many layers of his experimental paan, he got famous because it was more than just paan and chai. It was paan and a show. Our curiousity got to us and we decided on running our own investigation and ultimately managing an interview with the man himself.  We wanted to really know what hello means and what gave him the idea. Apparently a bunch of college kids from Christ College gave him this fantastic marketing idea and soon quite literally, the word spread across the city, getting many onlookers to his stall for the famous ‘when-in-koramangala’ experience.

We wish you a very happy friendship’s day and hope you like a taste of this truly city experience that we’re adding to your orders today. The offer is valid for the entire weekend.


Superfoods And Why You Should Eat Them!




Spirulina is a type of blue-green algae that was initially a food source for Aztecs up until the 16th century. Consumption of Spirulina can result in weight loss, reduction in BMI (body mass index) and improved blood pressure.

Consumption of this superfood must be avoided by those suffering from phenylketonuria. If Spirulina is contaminated with microcystins, it can prove to be toxic, especially for children.

The superfood gained popularity after NASA proposed it as a primary food for astronauts travelling to space because of its unique nutrient density in small dosages. Though a protein rich food, Spirulina doesn’t contain vitamin B12. However like chillies it is rich in Vitamin K and other essentials. Spirulina has supernatural abilities to battle cancer, detox your body and even slowing your aging process. Yes, if only Snow White’s evil step-mother knew, the world would have been a much better place.

So, what really makes it the king of all superfoods? Well, 1 Kg of Spirulina is equal to 1000 Kgs of assorted vegetables. That’s right, get back to your grocery list. It’s time to make an addition.

Wheatgrass Powder


Welcome the new-age skin miracle food. Your skin is a reflection of your health and Wheatgrass powder, being a powerful skin food can actually help your body overall. Mix 1-2 teaspoons of wheatgrass powder in water and drink it to significantly reduce breakouts and clear acne. It also helps cure bloating and eliminate constipation. If you’re in the Bangalore, the beer hub of India, Wheatgrass powder could really be handy at home. It’s great to prevent and cure hangovers.

Watermelon Seeds


Watermelon seeds are super seeds that you are probably spitting out as you’re reading this. Watermelon seeds are rich in protein, great for your heart and can actually keep your blood sugar levels in check. Just like the fancy flaxseeds or chia seeds, watermelon seeds are rich in micronutrients and good fats. Roasted Watermelon seeds is a pretty tasty snack if you’re wondering how to get started.



We’ve all heard that a damaged lung is a lost cause. Not really. If you’ve quit smoking, consider consuming Chlorella daily, about two teaspoons. It removes the toxic build up of heavy metals and helps recover your lungs quicker.



Behind the deceivingly delicious exterior is a fruit that’s actually incredibly good for you! Strawberries can prevent two types of diabetes, can help prevent cataracts and also whiten your teeth! It’s delicious, it’s good for you, it’s perfect.
We hope you liked these food facts. Do share this blog and tell your friends about these superfoods. Do let us know if there is something in particular you want to read about. We’d love to hear from you!


About Runnr
Runnr is an on-demand food delivery app that is currently operational in Mumbai and Bangalore. We will be expanding to other locations soon. With multiple restaurants to choose from, Runnr processes your order and delivers mouthwatering food to your doorstep in under 45 Minutes.

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Chocolate Lovers Are Smarter! 5 benefits of eating chocolate.

chocolate fudge

It’s International Chocolate Fudge Day! What a beautiful way to keep those Monday blues away. If you’re off chocolate to lose weight, this might help shift perspective.

Here are 5 benefits of eating chocolate!

The Heart Wants What It Wants

Your heart craves chocolate and trust me, the feeling is mutual. Recent studies prove that chocolate, especially dark chocolate is a heart food. It helps prevent artery clogging by restoring the flexibility of arteries and keeping white blood cells from sticking onto the walls. It also reduces your chances of getting a stroke by a staggering 17%! So give your heart what it wants and celebrate chocolate fudge day!

Chocolate is Brain Food!

Chocolate surprisingly improves blood flow in the brain for 2-3 hours! If you’re feeling drowsy and need to stay extra alert at work, take a little chocolate break and get smarter by the minute! MmmMmm! Speaking of Beauty and Brains *wink*

Chocolate v/s the Gym

Just kidding, there’s no replacing gym-time. However chocolate can help you lose weight! A huge part of most weight-loss programmes is consuming things that are more filling but are less in quantity. Studies at the University of Copenhagen show that dark chocolate is more filling than other kinds of chocolate. Including dark chocolate in your diet can reduce your calorie intake and can work well in your diet programmes

Key To Happiness

Seems like a no-brainer. Obviously chocolate makes you happy. Chocolate is known for its ability to increase levels of the calming neurotransmitter serotonin. It also contains small amounts of a compound called phenylethylamine, which acts like an amphetamine, stimulating your brain cells to release Dopamine. Dopamine makes you feel happy, like when you’re in love and easily reduces your stress. A daily intake of chocolate can make you feel happier.

Chocolate Prevents Diabetes!

Sounds counterproductive, but it’s true. Dark chocolate can reduce your chances of getting diabetes by 50%! It reduces chances of insulin resistance.

There are countless reasons  as to why you should eat more dark chocolate. I could go on, but I suppose you’re already on your way to order some! Do share this fun write-up with all your friends who might be at the verge of giving up on chocolate. After all, sometimes you’ve just got to save the world alone now, don’t you?


Koramangala, The Wait Is Over!

koramangala Launch blog

Phew! It’s been quite a week for us at Runnr! From expanding to two major areas in Mumbai, it’s now time to do some runnin’ for Bangalore.

We’re happy to announce that our services would now be available exclusively in Koramangala and are currently working towards expanding to other areas real soon.

With a city constantly buzzing with people who are always on the move, we’re excited to be a part of the momentum and lively energy of the city, getting everyone their favourite munchies and satiating their food cravings at any hour of the day.

So whether it is a game night with friends or a good time for a stay-at-home evening, food is not going to require any more planning. Bid a final goodbye to waiting for your favourite restaurants to be serviceable. Get exactly what you see on the Runnr app. We’ve got a wide curation of some of the best restaurants in Koramangala that are serviceable at all times. Look it up on the Runnr app and enjoy a no minimum order value for your order and superfast under 45 minute deliveries to your doorstep!

First time’s meant to be special. Get a flat Rs. 100 off  by using the code KORA100 on the Runnr App while placing your first order

Bon Appetit!


4 Ways to Make Your Mac and Cheese Recipe Immediately Fancilious


Macaroni day just went by. Of all the things that need a celebration, this would be my favourite day ever. If you aren’t much of a cook and your culinary achievements border at making two minutes noodles and soup, Mac and cheese can certainly help expand your territories.


Here are 4 tricks you can use, even if you’re spinning a ready-to-eat Mac and Cheese mix in the microwave.

Trick 1

A Mid-Week Tropical Escape!


Use Coconut Milk instead of Water while you’re spinning your macaroni in the microwave. This would instantly upgrade your mac and cheese to level pro. You could also add Oyster mushrooms with some onion and garlic paste to the dish. The Oyster mushrooms really soak in the coconut milk and cheese flavours, and would add a very interesting twist to your dish.

Trick 2

Waffles, Macaroni or both?


The Japanese put more effort into the texture of food that into the flavours. When it comes to Macaroni, you’ll be amazed what a texture addition could do to the dish. Cook  Mac and Cheese  in the usual way and waffle it up in a waffle maker for a truly cheesey waffle. Dress it up with some ketchup and viola! You’ve got some Masterchef level stuff working for you in the kitchen. This is great for parties too! If you cut up the waffle in small serves and  jazz up the presentation with some oregano, olives and toothpicks, you’ll have your star of the evening before you know it.

Trick 3

Want it to be tastier? Fry it!


We’re all guilty of loving fried food, but imagine mac and cheese fried! You can either make macaroni and cheese and then refrigerate it or you could buy frozen mac and cheese. Cut it into cubes, dip it in butter and roll it in some breadcrumbs and fry it! Viola! You have these cheese dripping macaroni cubes in no time. This is way better than cheeseballs, trust me.

Trick 4

Quick Bite Into The Delicious


Grills, cheese and macaroni – three words that absolutely make my heart flutter. This is a also a great snack  to pack for school-going kids. Introduce the Mac and Cheese as content inside sandwiches and grill it. You could also put these in the toaster if that is more convenient.

Do let us know if you enjoyed these tips and tricks to add a twist to your Mac and Cheese recipe. 


How To Click Pictures Of Your Food Like A Professional

feature image

Remember the 100 Happy Day Challenge that took the world of Facebook by storm? People had to post a picture of one thing that makes them happy every day. By day 40 most people realised that they always ended up clicking pictures of their food. Many people believe that Instagram saw its dawn with getting people interested in Instagramming pictures of their food. Whether you agree with this trend or not, instagramming pictures of food has brought fame to many and certainly gotten their social feeds buzzing.

If you’re someone who can relate and are struggling with trying to stand out, then this post is for you.

Here are 5 things you can do right now to drastically improve your photographs.

It’s All in The Details


If you’re just a beginner at food photography on social media platforms like Instagram, this is something you must know. All professional photographers first shoot with a DSLR camera and then instagram it with desired filters. Sometimes food photographers also Photoshop their images before finally posting it on their Instagram feeds. A DSLR camera captures more information in each pixel than a phone camera ever can, making the visual quality of your food jump enormously. This would also help you get the desired amount of light in the image in case the place where you’re shooting is dimly lit.

If you aren’t very good with a professional camera, you could simply shoot on AV mode. In this mode, the camera automatically adjusts your settings depending on the light available to you. This would ensure that your image isn’t over or under exposed.

Lights before Camera and Action


Photography is nothing but lighting. In a world of Google Images where no level of photography is unseen, the way  you choose to use lighting in your photographs can really set you apart. The best kind of light to shoot in is sunlight. The easiest kind of light to shoot in is diffused lighting, which automatically makes all images look good with the soft shadows it renders.  

To figure the lighting of your picture, really look at what you’re shooting. Is it the texture that sets it apart? Is it juicy? Is it rough? What would it feel like to eat it? If it’s juicy, go for hard light focused on making the food shine more and look juicy. Communicate what it would feel like to eat it and you’ll be soon playing your audience like a piano. Lighting can communicate emotion and that’s something you can use to your advantage.

The Background Check


If you just run past food photography images on Instagram, you’d find something really interesting about the kind of backgrounds that the best food photographers use. More than fashion styling, food styling is catching up for a couple of really interesting reasons. Your tea tastes different when you drink it in a steel glass as to when you drink it in a porcelain china cup that’s inked in the stories of a blue love affair.

The background of your food adds to the communication of the texture, freshness and taste of the food. Further more, it tells you about the kind of a place the food was made in and also a little something about the kind of people who made it. We’re all really perceptive like that.

Instead of the usual plates and forks, you’ll find that a lot of food is shot on wooden tables or served in pots that are placed on stone-like surfaces. It is interesting. No one eats off the kitchen table directly, then what makes these food pictures so irresistible to see? Wood is a natural element. It belongs to the earth and it instantly makes one associate it with secure surroundings, nutrition and healthy vegetables. It also makes for a great stable and contrasting background to soft and juicy food. Experiment with your background to enhance your communication and make sure it complements the type of food you’re clicking.

Colour is Makeup


Our memories of good food are linked to our childhood; a time when colour made a powerful impact on us. A strong memory like that is something that never leaves us. Add colour and contrast to your plating. Even if the food you’re clicking is just coffee, see how you can play with the colours in your image. More colourful the food is, the more it looks healthy. If you have yellows on your dish, then there needs to be some accents of that colour or a colour complementing the colours in your dish in your background as well. It works exactly like that wedge of lemon on the rim of your glass, which makes no addition to the taste of your lemonade.


Love is About Focus


An artist paints more elaborately parts of a picture that he finds beautiful. Using the depth of field technique can help you create a visual treat for your audience. It allows you to add focus to the part of the image that is the most delicious and visually appealing to you. For this you’ll need a zoom lens and your ‘f value’ has to drop to a minimum. The objects in the visual space have to be at varied distances and Viola! You’ve got your extremely professional shot that blurs out elements and puts in focus what is important to you. While the blur-out option on Instagram might give you a similar effect, it would be far neater when shot in this technique.

Dark Fantasies


Here’s a fun tip. More shadow and a filter that makes more parts in your image look darker, makes the food look more edible. You can also use useful tools like Imetrics, etc to understand which filter on photos is working best for your audience.

We hope you liked our tips on how to click your food like a professional. Do let us know if you found it useful in the comments.