Now Changing The Way You Eat Lunch At Work


The office hours were calling as I decided to step out for a break. Someone’s heading back to their desks. “What’s for lunch?” I ask him. “Oh it’s Biryani, but I really recommend the same Dal Rice” he replied and faces sunk across the Marketing bay. Sounds like an everyday story doesn’t it?

Well, not anymore.

After starting out with one office caterer at work, to two different caterers every week, we at Runnr decided to never step into the office canteen again and find our happiness levels be at the mercy of a pre-decided menu card. More at a personal level, we at Runnr have successfully launched the Runnr Meals programme for corporate offices.

Ordering in from your favourite restaurants every day for lunch is an expensive ordeal. The restaurants stepped in to help us here. We hand-picked a few popular restaurants in our locality and asked them to put their speciality dishes in one meal box which would be economical for people to order at work every day.

An interesting problem we faced was that of convenience. While the office canteen opened exactly at lunch hour, meals had to be ordered exactly 45 minutes before you wanted it to appear. Sadly, that’s not how hunger worked. So, Runnr meals comes with a premium feature that allows you to pre-order the meal box you’d like for lunch and it reaches your office from 1- 1:30 p.m. You can order whenever you feel like. What’s more? For all orders placed before 12:30 pm, your meal boxes are free of any delivery charges. Now you can work and not think about when your lunch will reach you. Also, it becomes one of those perks only you get for working in a corporate office.

 The most interesting thing about the Runnr Meals programme is that you don’t need to order in everyday. You get your meal boxes only when you want to eat lunch at work. So, if you’re stepping out for a corporate lunch meeting, you can do so without dealing with any food wastage.

Now lunch hour is very different in our office. Everyone grabs a bean bag and eats together. We share our meal boxes with each other and lunch is overall a very happy experience as everyone indulges in a cuisine of their choice, every single day.

We’ve changed the way lunch hour looks like in our work place and we’re looking forward to changing yours, one plate at a time. If you want Runnr Meals in your office, fill this form!

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Cracking the Kebab Code


The weekend’s getting closer and let’s face it, the monotonous get-togethers at crowded bars or hanging out in malls with your friends one more time is definitely going to make you sick. So how about throwing an interesting Kebab party right at home?

Did the momentary excitement just die down at just the thought of how you’re actually going to pull it off? We understand. You can always order in different kinds of Kebabs from your favourite restaurants online and save yourself from the cooking, but figuring out what you’d serve with such heavy appetisers looks like a really confusing task.

No Party is a real party without some indulging cocktails and drinks. Wine and beer simply won’t cut it because regardless of how popular they are, they’re worlds apart from pastas and pizzas. India is usually known to guzzle down Patiala pegs with their evening skewers, but your Kebab party deserves a better toast.

Here are a few ideas on the Sharab you can serve with your Kebab:

  • Galouti Kebab with a Caribe Cocktail

‘Galouti’ means ‘melt in the mouth’. It was born out of the Mughal obsession of mincing meat really fine before conjuring them up into delicious Kebabs. They really do melt in your mouth if cooked right. With an original recipe looking at over hundred spices, Galouti Kebabs have a strong flavour that goes well with Dark Rum. When it comes to kebabs, it is always a safe bet to go for tangy and savoury drinks. You might like to serve your Galouti Kebab with a Caribe cocktail. It is a mix of Dark Rum, Pineapple and Lime Juice.

  • Seekh Kebabs with Whiskey

When it comes to Seekh Kebabs grilled on skewers or slow cooked in tandoors, it is hard to not go Punjabi. Whiskey is the final verdict for this Awadhi delicacy.  The after-taste of whiskey blends in perfectly with the smoky char-grilled flavours of Seekh Kebabs and it doesn’t interfere with the spicy marinated touch of the dish. The mild bitterness of Whiskey and its hard-hitting characteristic sure does make it a great drink to gulp down the overwhelming meat preparation.

  • Hara Bhara Kebab with Mojito

Bursting with the fresh flavours of peas, spinach and mint, Hara Bhara Kebabs turn out absolutely flavoursome when devoured with a glass of Mojito. Don’t forget to add fresh basil leaves to the drink for that perfect refreshing finish to the spicy dish. If you’re looking for something tangier, Bloody Mary could also make for an interesting combination, not to mention how delectable it looks to the eyes when served alongside.

  • Malai Kebab with White Wine

Malai Kabab is slow-cooked in a yogurt marinade. The smooth creamy flavours are well-complemented with White Wine. The sweet fruity taste of White Wine adds a contrast to the sober flavours of Malai Kebabs, making it a really palatable combination.

  • Shami Kebab With A Cocktail of Gin

Out of all the marvellous culinary achievements of Pakistan, Shami Kebabs are perhaps the most outstanding of all inventions. With an addition of Chana dal, chickpeas or egg to bind the fibrous meat together, Shami Kebabs turn out remarkably different from all other versions of Kebabs out there. Because of their easy-to-eat Patty like shape, Shami Kebabs are a great idea for parties. Try a mix of Gin with salted lemon soda. That with Shami kebabs – you have a winner when it comes to the biggest party attraction for the evening.

For Bangalore: Order in from Tunday Kababi
For Mumbai: Persian Darbar


Dear Menu Cards That Read Like Total Random Gibberish

cover (2)

Everybody loves the idea of being a foodie. Trying new cuisines, new places and telling their friends about it. However, it is real work to go out actively and try out new restaurants all the time. Ordering food online from a new restaurant that just popped up in your neighbourhood is now easy and discovering new food doesn’t affect your busy schedules anymore. There is one common problem to this ordeal however. Trying food from new cuisines, often lands you lost in translation with dish items named in languages you aren’t familiar with. Online, you don’t  have a waiter to suggest what you should be trying and that recommendation isn’t specialised enough anyway.  Even if it came with descriptions, you’re mostly guessing what goes with what. It’s a lot like trying South Indian food for the first time and ending up eating Idli with an Uttapam on the side.

Well worry no more! We figured, knowing the right combination, might make it a lot easier to try out new food and actually experience it the way it was made to be experienced.

Food experts in Runnr have put together the top food combinations you can order from five popular Indian cuisines.

Assamese Cuisine

Khar & Joha Rice


When I read about how Khar is made it totally blew me away. It has everything “something new” must comprise of. It’s key ingredient? Ash. Yes, you heard that right. It is Banana Peel Ash. One of the most interesting things about Assamese cuisine is that the vegetables and fruits that grow in assam are really different from that in other part of India. The variety of Bananas used is called Bheem Kol.  A typical assamese course begins with Khar served with some Joha Rice. Water is filtered through the ash and is added to the other ingredients like papaya, fish, bottle gourd or even lentils. As for Joha rice, Assam is the largest cultivator of this variety of rice and it goes really well with the watery Khar. Venture into Assamese cuisine with this dish for starters.

When in Bangalore, order in from: Gam’s Delicacy


Dhokar Dalna & Luchi


Dhokar Dalna is a traditional Bengali dish. Dhokar are refried pattis made out of Chana Dal. Dalna can be dry or can have a stew like consistency and is made of tomatoes, onion and coconut. Luchi on the other hand is deep-fried flatbread which can be made out of both, wheat or maida. When made out of maida, it is similar to the popular Punjabi Puri.

For Bangalore, order in from Bengaliana


Daal Baati Churma & Chaas


Daal Baati Churma is a food combination that is a meal and a dessert in itself. No Rajasthani event is complete without the ghee-dripping Daal Baati Churma. Baati is baked wheat dough served with panchmel dal. Panchmel dal comprises of five types of pulses with the spices fried in ghee first for a strong aroma. The churma is made out of unsalted baatis which are crushed, fried in ghee and further sweetened with jaggery or sugar. Do not venture into this dish lightly. Even though it is modest in appearance, it is extremely filling and we’d advise you to go for this last, after you’ve tried everything else. Daal Baati Churma is devoured with a variety of beverages on the side like Aam Panna and Jaljeera Paani. Chaas or buttermilk adds a nice flavour to the palate this dish offers.

For Bangalore order in from Shree Shyam Thali


Kadala Curry and Puttu


Kerala is famous for different kinds of  dishes conjured up using rice and coconut. Puttu is one such widely popular dish. It is basically steamed cakes made of rice and coconut. It goes really well with Kadala Curry which is made out of black chickpeas and delicious spicy curry. It goes easy on the stomach and makes for some great breakfast.

Try Kadala Curry and Puttu from Crunkz for a truly authentic meal!

If you have any other cuisines in mind that you’d like to try and don’t know what combination to try, write to us on our social media channels and we’ll dedicate our next blog to you!


Meet the Power Couples of Indian Food

Rajma Chawal

Traditional Indian cooking has a charm that none of us can resist. The delectable aroma of the hand-picked spices and the steamy goodness makes your mouth water just at the thought – does it not?

Allow us to introduce you to some of the tastiest pairings from the kitchens of India!

Rajma and Chawal

Rajma Chawal

When a foodie sees a dollop of butter melt into rice, he spends a minute or two admiring the sheer beauty of the sight before digging into this North Indian delicacy.

Tasty as well as nutritious, this classic couple of Indian food, has travelled far and wide across the world and has gained a terrific following.

However, did you know, many are of the opinion that this treat is not of Indian descent? With its chief ingredient, the red kidney bean, originally hailing from Mexico, the Indian dish is merely an upgrade of a staple in South America.

But whether it is from the West or an original Indian delight, there’s one thing we know all over the world – it is something we definitely need a second helping of!

Try the combination in Bangalore at: BATHINDA JUNCTION

Try the combination in Mumbai at: PINDI RASOI

Kosha Mangsho and Luchi

Kosha Mangsho-and Luchi

Legend has it, the way to a Bengali’s heart is definitely through the stomach. And nothing pleases the Bengali heart more than a bowl of kosha mangsho with a plate of freshly fried luchi to accompany it!

Succulent pieces of tender mutton or lamb slow-cooked in a brown gravy to perfection, the origins of the kosha mangsho can be traced back to the rule of the Nawabs in Bengal.

The confluence of Mughal and Bengali cooking slowly gave rise to one of the best Indian meat preparations. Served with luchi – or fried puris, no Indian foodie’s life is complete without trying out this combination.

Try the combination in Bangalore at: KOSHE KASHA

Try the combination in Mumbai at: BIJOLI GRILL

Kerala Mutton Stew and Appam

Kerela Mutton Stew and Appam

Delicious yet light, the Kerala Mutton Stew originates from the North West regions of Kerala. Slow cooked to perfection, the coconut-based gravy is finger-licking to say the least.

While there are many who choose to help themselves to a serving of rice with the stew, let us tell you that if you didn’t try it with an appam (or few), you’d be missing out on a culinary delight. Made from fermented rice flour, the appam is a soft, tasty pancake that is a part of the staple diet in Kerala.

An Indian classic too hard to resist, we suggest you to not count the calories when you dig into this. It’s criminal offence to stop after a couple of appams!

Where to try it in Bangalore: KUMARAKOM


About Runnr

Runnr is an on-demand food delivery app. We welcome you to a new, quick and effortless way to order food from the best restaurants in your neighbourhood in a matter of minutes. We are currently operational in parts of Mumbai and Bangalore and will be expanding soon!


Dussehra Special! 20% Cashback Back-To-Back + Amazing Prizes!

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This Dussehra let us spoil you with surprises and gifts! Brace yourselves for ten days of mind blowing fun!

Get 20% cashback on every meal you order on Runnr during ten days of Dusshera starting from 2nd October, 2016 – 11th October, 2016. Use code WIN20 to avail the offer.

Using this code to place the order will also enable you to stand a chance to win a lot of exciting vouchers.

Here’s a peak into what’s in store –

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We’ve got vouchers that would give you a 20% off upto Rs.1000 on your next Zoom Car Booking. Use code WIN20 while placing an order on Runnr and stand a chance to win the voucher.

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Nothing’s got more oomph than a Rs.1000 on some pampering spa-time. Stand a chance to win Gomalon vouchers you can use the next time you book. Use code WIN20 while placing an order on the Runnr app to register for the lucky draw and enjoy 20% cashback on your order.  Gomalon vouchers worth Rs. 500 also are up for winning!

Get More Things Home Without A Commitment!

Scared of hoarding? Renting is probably the best way to satiate the urge to shop. Get Rs.1500 off on the first month’s rent on Rentomojo if you win this voucher. Use code WIN20 in your next order to take part in the lucky draw!

Adventure Calling!

If you win this voucher, the universe is telling you to take a break and go on an adventure! Get vouchers from Wandertrail to book an adventure and experience for yourself and get Rs.500 off on your booking. Use code WIN20 while placing an order on the Runnr app to stand a chance to win!

Assured Winnings

Place an order for your favourite food twice during Dussehra and win a coffee mug guaranteed! Order thrice during the period and you win yourself a Runnr Bumper Prize and we guarantee that would be a really happy ending to the holiday mood!

Terms & Conditions
-Cashback applicable on a minimum order of Rs.150.
-Maximum cashback of Rs.75.
-Winners for gift vouchers will be chosen at random.
-Promo code valid till 11th October 2016.
-Limit of 5 uses per customer for WIN20 promo code.


Five Reasons to Think Twice Before You Skip a Meal

skip a meal cover

Long work hours, living alone, stress and maybe a quick fix for missing out on the gym, skipping a meal or few has become a regular part of our lives. But did you know that skipping meals can have a pretty negative impact on your body.

Fight that Fatigue


Skipping just one meal can result in a drop in your body’s blood sugar levels. Mood swings, irritability and tiredness can zap your emotional as well as physical energy stores.

Metabolism Mishaps


To ensure optimum metabolism, experts advise eating 5 to six light meals a day. Fuelling your body with enough nutrients through the day helps regulate your metabolism, which in turn helps to keep you strong and healthy.

Weight Gain Woes


The less you eat, the more your body loves the calories and finds it harder to let go. So even if you think that you are consuming less, you will end up gaining more weight if you skip meals.

Mirror-cracking Moments

mirror cracking

Dry skin and dull hair are are more often than not due to poor eating habits. When there is a significant drop in calories, as in the case of skipping meals, there is also a significant drop in nutrients that keep your hair and skin looking fabulous!

Immunity In Need


Skipping meals means that your body is losing out on chances to consume nutrients. Without a steady flow of nutrients, the body slowly begins to lose its ability to take care of itself, resulting in lowered immunity.

You don’t have to skip meals because of a busy schedule. Order in from the Runnr app and enjoy an under 45 minute delivery right to your doorstep. Choose from the most popular restaurants in your neighbourhood. Runnr is currently operational in parts of Mumbai and Bangalore. We will be expanding soon!

Download the App here :


Life in Andheri East Just Got Faster!


Andheri East is a melting point of a very diverse range of cultures both regional and International and the numerous restaurants here cater to a population of people with different preferences, taste pallets and incomes. The variety surely is overwhelming, making it a truly interesting to place to be part of at the moment.

We at Runnr have successfully launched operations in South Mumbai to make food from all your favourite restaurants just a tap away. With beginning our operations first time ever in South Mumbai, spreading to another area in this lively and fast-moving city has been a personal goal for all of us at Runnr. We’re really excited to have you experience our service for the first time ever in Andheri East.

To begin with, we’ve handpicked some of the most popular restaurants in your locality and have also successfully launched a recommendations feature that makes the whole process a lot easier and way more tastier! We pride ourselves for having one of India’s largest fleet of delivery boys and are happy to provide an under 45 minute delivery for all orders you place on our app. What’s more? You can live track your order on the app to know exactly where your food is at all times and when it is about to reach your doorstep. We have multiple payment options along with cash on delivery.

Since first time’s always got to be special, use code FB100 to get Rs. 100 off on your first order on the Runnr App and zap your food home!

Bon Appetit!


Runnr Joins the Robin Hood Army!


“Keep your chin up and someday there will be happiness again”
said Robin Hood from the Disney Movie.

It probably couldn’t have been more profound and simple than that. This Independence day let’s keep our chin up and not turn a blind eye to the staggering number of hunger stricken people in the world. We found something we could do about it and we’re sure if you’re in it with us, someday there surely will be happiness.

The Robin Hood Army is an organisation that started in mid 2014. It ties up with restaurants that provide them with food consistently, which they deliver to slums, orphanages and other people who are in great need of food. “Hunger isn’t just a meal missed, it is a crisis that grips a million people” says the Robin Hood Army. Today they’ve spread to over 40 cities, have over 6000 volunteers and are consistantly feeding over 8 lakh people. This independence they they’re on a mission to feed 500,000 people more.

We’re not alone in this mission. This module carries on in Pakistan as well at the same time while two countries celebrate their Independence Day and come together for a great cause.

We at Runnr are collaborating with the Robin Hood Army to help them in their cause. We’re donating a free meal for every order that you place till 15th August 2016.

So let’s do what Robin says, keep our chin up and change the world one plate at a time.

Join us in our mission and let’s begin a new year of freedom by giving 500,000 people freedom from hunger.

To know more about The Robin Hood Army visit


Indiranagar, We Hope We Didn’t Keep You Waiting!

Kolkata Style Mutton Nawabi Biryani (served with potato _ boiled egg)

Indiranagar is long known for the staggering number of restaurants it has and it’s no surprise that it attracts a huge and eager crowd every evening. Every restaurant has its own wide range of signature dishes and a completely different story to tell.

We’re extremely excited to have some of the most popular restaurants in this area on our app, live and serviceable from today. A true paradise for foodies, we feel even more at home having our services up and running in Indiranagar.

Waiting in queues outside these truly tempting restaurants is now passe. Find all your favourite food joints in Indiranagar on the Runnr app from today and order in as the heart dictates.

 No craving is too small. Enjoy our no minimum order value policy and indulge freely. Serving you your food piping hot and neatly packaged is our priority. All orders will reach you within 45 minutes from the moment you place the order.

We can’t wait to run for you!


About Runnr
Runnr is an on-demand food delivery app that is currently operational in certain parts of  Mumbai and Bangalore. We will soon be expanding to other locations. With multiple restaurants to choose from, Runnr processes your order and delivers mouthwatering food to your doorstep in under 45 Minutes.

Download the app here
For Android :

For Iphone :


Hello! Hello! We have a surprise!


“Which paan would you like? Ladies paan or Gents paan? Hello?” said the Hello Paan Wala. If you’re roaming around the buzzing streets of Koramangala, you might just run into the famous Hello Paan Wala, and what might look like a mundane drill of probably getting change for a 500, would turn out to be surprisingly entertaining. From interesting tricks like the famous ladies tissue, a capsule that magically turns into a tissue when you pour water on it, to extra large ice paans that can shut a talkative girl like me for a full ten minutes; a lot escalates quickly at the hello paan wala’s stall as he frequently ends and begins sentences with “hello!”

If you’re living in Koramangala, you’ve probably ended up at the Hello Paan Wala after a late night Shawarma at the Empire hotel. Small things make moments with friends absolutely memorable in this lively city.

So, we at Runnr thought what better way to celebrate friendship’s day than helping you relive those moments in surprisingly new way?

This friendships day, with every order from a select group of restaurants, get a free paan from Hello Paan Wala. Call in some friends and order in on the Runnr app for a truly Koramangala friendship’s day experience.

The restaurants for which this offer is valid are  Tunday Kababi, Kritunga, California Burrito, Dice n Dine, Fat Sindhi, Bangaliana, The Pied Pier, Just Shawarma, Lazeez, Bhatinda Junction, Maria’s Goan Kitchen, Ali’s Restaurant, Aalishan and Chai Point.

The popularity of the Hello Paan Wala certainly got us curious. Apart from his true banarsi origins that seeps into the many layers of his experimental paan, he got famous because it was more than just paan and chai. It was paan and a show. Our curiousity got to us and we decided on running our own investigation and ultimately managing an interview with the man himself.  We wanted to really know what hello means and what gave him the idea. Apparently a bunch of college kids from Christ College gave him this fantastic marketing idea and soon quite literally, the word spread across the city, getting many onlookers to his stall for the famous ‘when-in-koramangala’ experience.

We wish you a very happy friendship’s day and hope you like a taste of this truly city experience that we’re adding to your orders today. The offer is valid for the entire weekend.